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Barrett Firearms Manufacturing

Barrett is honored once more with a Golden Bullseye Award from an NRA Publication. In 2010, the Barrett Model 98B was named the American Rifleman, Rifle of the Year.

Now for 2012, Shooting Illustrated honors the new Barrett MRAD bolt action .338 Lapua Magnum rifle with the same prestigious title.

“The Golden Bullseye Award honors our winners for bringing to market products remarkable in their utility to shooters and hunters,” said Joe H. Graham, Executive Director of NRA Publications. “The award is a symbol of excellence and innovation in firearms, accessories and related equipment.”

The MRAD offers a more portable marksmanship solution capable beyond 1500 yards. Additionally, the MRAD has caught the attention of discerning clients who appreciate this rifle’s ultimate accuracy and operational enhancements.

The MRAD follows in the tradition of the Barrett M107, where durability and ruggedness meet precision and accuracy.

Why Barrett?  Why the MRAD?