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Cutting Edge Bullets

Cutting Edge Bullets is a manufacturer of premium solid projectiles. The main goal of Cutting Edge Bullets is to provide a single projectile that performs as well in the field as it does on the range. This simple concept used in our MTH™ (Match/Tactical/Hunting) series, combines the accuracy and high Ballistic Coefficient (BC) of match/tactical grade bullets with a bullet that has outstanding terminal performance. We believe that there does not need to be a trade off when it comes to having a very accurate, flat shooting bullet, or one that puts game on the ground quickly. For those preferring solid pointed bullets, our MTAC™ series (Match/Tactical), provides individuals with a solid copper bullet guaranteed to have a maximum weight deviation of .4 grains eliminating weighing and pointing operations.

Cutting Edge Bullets are for the hunter or match shooter that insists on the highest quality bullet available. All of our bullets are precisely machined with the ogive radius, ogive length, body length, boat tail angle, and boat tail length held to the tightest tolerance achievable by any manufacturing method. Our solid copper bullets feature a unique, patent pending, SealTite™ Band that eliminates "fliers" typically associated with other solid copper bullets making them ideal for long range match shooting and hunting.

Please email us with your order— these bullets are made as they are ordered.  This means they are available within a very short time of order.


We are currently loading Cutting Edge bullets in some customer ammunition with outstanding results in both accuracy and velocity.  If you buy these as a reloading component please follow the following instructions to maximize performance!


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